Ed Bull
Member Management
Ed has been a volunteer Board Member and Treasurer for Vessel Drum and Bugle Corps for the last two years, and has previously been a Board Member for City Sound Drum and Bugle Corps, The Los Angeles Youth Arts Organization, and The Los Angeles JAMZ Drum Corps, starting back in 2007. Ed’s drum corps marching experience dates back to his days living in the St. Louis, Illinois Metro area in the 60’s, with The Lancers of Kinloch, Missouri, The Millstadt Crusaders of Millstadt, Illinois, and Brass Unlimited Senior Corps of Belleville, Illinois. Ed, a retired Air Force Veteran, marched drumline in the Chanute Air Base Drum Corps. Ed’s professional career as an accountant included employment with Countrywide, Boeing, Cedars-Sinai, and Major League Baseball’s St. Louis Cardinals. Ed is a graduate of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and received his MBA from Lindenwood University. Ed is a CPA and currently a tax preparer during tax season.
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