Cymbal Audition Information
  • Cymbal auditionees should prepare to bring their own set of cymbals. There is no pre-prepared audition material.

What we do!

Separation of Body

  • This activity revolves around you being able to play everything on the move. You will be asked to do very demanding drill and choreography while playing your instrument. You must be able to demonstrate excellent separation of lower body vs. upper body. You must become an exceptionally coordinated person if you expect to achieve this at the level we are asking.

Work Ethic

  • In order to achieve what is being asked of you at the Vessel DBC Battery, you must have a world- class work ethic. At rehearsal, you will be working to fix issues for hours at a time, with limited breaks. You must be mentally and physically strong to achieve this. The mentality of the battery should be as follows: If you are behind or wearing your instrument, no matter what scenario, you are aspiring to work harder than you have before and willing to give 100% effort to perform your best for your staff. This is the minimum requirement.

The Approach

  • Everything we do at the Vessel DBC percussion program is done with a definite sharpness and sense of aggression and urgency. The way you move your feet, bring your sticks up, transport to rehearsal zones, eat, subdivide, and anything else pertaining to our end goal, is to be done with purpose and confidence. We must present ourselves how we see ourselves; as masters of our craft, and as the best marching percussionists in the world.

The Information

  • During the course of the season, you will receive massive amounts of information from your staff and peers. It is mandatory that you take in this information with a positive attitude. Your staff is a highly trained team of professionals with many years of experience doing what they do. The information you receive from them WILL help you reach your goals. You as a member, must always be respectful of your staff and peers and show a sense of gratitude when given feedback. After all, 90% of what makes this ensemble successful is the information being given from the staff. Trust the process!

Your Role in This

  • You as an individual, are a single part of a multi-layered performance. While at times you may feel you need to take control of another person's or the ensemble's performance, know that you are only directly responsible for your own show. You must master YOUR performance responsibilities before worrying about others. And understand that there is ALWAYS something more you can be doing to better your own individual season. Do your own gig, to the best of your own ability.
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